I'm looking for a reverb pedal, and plan on ordering one today. I have about $120ish to spend, can go a little higher or lower on the price. I just need suggestions, maybe some quick reviews, what do you guys have if you have one.

My reverb on my amp cut out, and instead of getting it fixed, I just figure I'll spend some money so I can customize the sound even more. Playing through a JCM2000dsl, so not much of reverb in the first place lol.

A couple I was looking at were the EH - Holy Grail Nano and the Digitech RV-7

I don't need crazy surf tones out of this pedal, just something that will bring my sound a little more to life. I'm leaning towards the holy grail.

I'm gonna go grab some lunch and make a decision in a couple little bit.

Thanks for the help
I don't have much experience with them, but have heard good things about the holy grail. Sounds pretty sweet on youtube too! I don't know about the digitech, but don't like them anyway...!
Holy Grail Nano!

Unless you're going to spending $400 for a T-Rex Roommate, the Nano is the best reverb pedal available IMO.

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