I don't play me acoustic much and want to know if I store the guitar in the basement
in a dry area, should I remove the strings or loose'in them up a bit? does this have any effect on the neck? thanks mike
I think it'll be fine if you just leave the strings on tbh, it would probably affect the neck more if you left them off. I mean the guitar might go out of tune over time (i.e. due to temperature changes etc) but it shouldn't do any major damage if the climate in your basement is quite stable. I don't play my acoustic much and it's fine, just needs tuning up every so often. Also you don't really need to store it in the basement lol, you could just keep it in your room as long as your room doesn't get humid in the summer or anything.
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Some basements are too dry. If the guitar gets too dry the wood will crack. Some basements are too wet and promote mold and mildew. 30-60% humidity should be OK.
well if your not going to play it just sell it. If it's that important to keep I would say yes to the basement, but make sure its in the case