All female band's lead guitarist is in the running for Detroit WRIF Rock Girl. This would be an excellent opportunity for both her and our band. BESIDES, she's the ONLY girl that can actually play a guitar. It's what a WRIF rock girls should be, right??? A ROCKER!!! So I am asking you guitarists out there to please support her and vote for Lacey. She only has a week to get as many votes as possible to go to the next round. Please help us out!

well, I was like, sure, why not?, but I get dissapointed, when I realize I can't even see her playing on that site, also aricka is damn sexy, sorry
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Fuck yes you are the best poster ever

do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
don't post vote for me type threads

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We are not here to help you win a contest. If you are in some challenge that requires votes then you may utilize other features on this site to achieve it. Your profile and signature are two wonderful examples.