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Here is the story:

I wanted an archtop--- nothing too fancy. I was visiting the US and scoured greater Boston for an Ibanez. I have a semi-hollow that is excellent. I was on the fence between buying used and getting the lowest Artcore at Guitar Center.

Anyway, I visited a GC in Boston, and the Artcore 75 they had on the wall looked well-used (it was new), and was set up as to be almost unplayable. Meanwhile, my Craigslist connection was willing to deliver to my hotel.

When he arrived, this guitar was better than new. It truly looked unplayed. It included the original hard case (nothing fancy). I seriously could not find a scratch on it. I took it ($420--- an awesome deal by European prices). Furthermore, it is exactly what I wanted--- same model, same finish. And better than new. It completely restored my faith in humanity to pick up a deal like this on Craigslist. The seller was cool--- plays in a Journey tribute band in the Boston area--- about my age, etc.

The next day I went back to GC to buy a gig bag to fly it back. I wrapped the case in cardboard and checked it. When I returned home, DHS had unpacked the HS case and repacked it better than I had originally packed it. I carried on the guitar--- and both the case and guitar arrived safely home.

As for my mini-review--- this thing plays wonderfully. It sounds decent unplugged, and is super smooth plugged in (thick, round wound strings). It has a very mellow sound, fast neck, and is beautiful (maybe excessively glossy in its finish--- a bit "urathaney" in appearance). Oh well--- for the price, it cannot be beaten. No regrets here.
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Sweet deal man, HNGD. You should try and get some clips up. Looks like it would sound amazing. ROSEWOOD!
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Very beautiful guitar. What year is it? I haven't looked in to quite many Ibanez semi-hollows.
wow i love this! that heel is incredible for an archtop! ive played a few ibby archtop models and would have bought at least one if i had needed such a guitar. glad your US visit was enjoyable!

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I believe it is a 2007. It has the floating pickup--- which is perfect. I doubt I would ever use a bridge pickup on such a guitar. I was going for more of a jazz feel. I tried a few Gretschs, which were very cool--- but they had much more of a rockabilly vibe to them (maybe someday). I also tried a Godin, but believe I needed a cutout. The Godin had an excellent, open tone, BTW. But it felt and played more (too) accoustically for my style.

It is amazing how low output (and sensitive) the pickups are on this thing. If I plug in my guitar with EMGs after playing this, it sounds like I have a distortion pedal on. The tone control also has a very nice effect.

This Ibanez has the heaviest strings I have ever played on an electric, and they are really growing on me. Being flat wound, there is almost no noise when sliding around. Very cool stuff.