I'm looking to stick some PAF's in my ESP, i was originally gonna sell it and buy a Gibby but it's not shifting very quickly and i'd be losing a bit of money anyway, so i thought it'd just make the changes im looking for. Also, i was wondering about making the frets smaller at all..

I really want to change the pickups to PAF's like i said, probably Bareknuckle PG Blues, since i'm gonna be playing blues/rock and i really dont like the sound of EMG's. Would the guitar's wood effect the tone at all? It's a Mahogany Body with a Maple top and mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard.

I also wanted to make the frets smaller since they're XJ which is a big jump compared to my Epi LP. I'd be getting a tech to do both of these so it's not a problem actually doing them, im just wondering whether its a bright idea or not.

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I'm not sure, but I think the fret reduction operation has to be done by completely refretting the fretboard, and that's somewhat expensive - it's around $150-$250 or so, depending on who you have doing it.

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The guitar's wood does effect the sound, but it has the same wood that is in a les paul so you shouldn't be displeased.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
You don't need a re-fret to get the frets flatter. Tell your tech what you want, they'll be able to file them down, as if they were levelling them, but they'll probably put them somewhere more comfortable for you if you ask them.

Just one thing to keep in mind, the BKP PG Blues are wired so the pickups are out of phase with each other when wired normally, which is a bit of an acquired tone, its quite thin sounding. Other very nice PAF style BKPs are the Stormy Monday, Mule, or the VHII if you want something hotter.
Yeah, i was thinking he could just do that. I'll have to speak to him i guess.

And im not definite on the Pups, i originally wanted the PG Blues since Gary Moore used them and i'm a huge fan, especially of his playing too, so i thought that'd be a good starting point. Only reason i wanted PAF-like pickups was because of the style (blues/rock) so i'm looking for a real nice tone.
Have a look at WCR Crossroads, Wolfetone Marshallheads/Legends/Dr. Vintage, Throbak SLEs, Duncan Seth Lover/Antiquities.

I've had WCRs, Wolfetones and Duncans and they all do the PAF thing pretty well. If I felt like Throbaks were worth the $500 pricetag per set I would buy them, but imo, they're not. Others feel differently though.

I don't like Bareknuckles as far as their PAF clones go. Other makers do them better.
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I was thinking about the Duncan Seth Lover and Antiquities, but Wolfetone's definitely look like a great option, think i'll probably end up going with them tbh they sound pretty sweet.