Hi there everyone,
atm i'm trying to decide whether i should buy an ESP LTD D-4 or an Ibanez SRX360 and wondered if you guys could help?
I play metal & hardcore so i'll be down tuning to dropped C and playing like this - http://soundcloud.com/vita-mors (thats my band)
So anyone know what i would be best to buy?
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I've only played the D4, but its awesome for the price. Id get it all day long drop tune or not...

I've wanted the D-4 for about 6 months now but as im getting closer to actually saving up the money for it i found other basses i wanted
have you had any problems with it at all? because im not sure if i'll find the XJ's too big because im use to playing on jumbos
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2 things:

1) You'll get better responses in the bass forum.

2) Based solely on company reputation the Ibanez is definitely the better bass. ESP does not have a great reputation and I haven't liked anything I've touched by them, whereas Ibanez has a wonderful reputation and, although I haven't played this bass, I've liked most of the basses I have tried of theirs.
Someone kill this link plotter already ^^ This is ridiculous. Some outsourced guy from abroad is probably trying to get back links by being relevant, and its so transparent its sickening.

As for Jazz Rock Feel, his opinion is fine. Ive played ESP since 1988 and have 32 guitars. His opinion is not reflective of anything that I have run across before. My first guitar was an ESP...I am an ESP dealer because I sought them out for their quality when I started my music store, 6 years ago.

I have no qualms about calling ESP out on their junk if they have it, and I have before, but boy Ive seen 10x more horrid examples of Ibanez' than ESP.

Though I used to be able to say that ESP didn't have dogs in their line, I cant say that any more...there are recent changes that I am not happy with and I'd probably get something older the next time I grab an ESP. The recent move to Vietnam for some of their products, not a good one in my opinion. I think moving away from what worked is going to hurt them for a while to come, and its unfortunate. I just tried their TE 202 and ....was very disappointed, and I'm a dealer. That said, the Bass isn't made there. Also their little 10 series are really good for the money and Ive been very happy with those. Like anything else, it pays to ask questions and test things.

I have my gripes about Ibanez, but the bottom line is you probably wont go wrong if you get either one. Ive had really good bass players that cut their teeth on Stingrays and playing through classic Ampegs give 2 thumbs up on the D-4, and if it were dollars in my pocket I'd grab the D-4 and walk away happy.


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I'm still not too sure what one to buy, I like the look on the Ibanez and I know they have a good reputation for making instruments, but the ESP has better hardware and an active EQ
Just not sure about the XJ frets...
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Sean, are you basing your opinion on guitars or basses? I have no opinion on ESP guitars, but judging a company's basses by its guitars is dangerous. Case in point: everyone loves Gibson guitars; at least 2 or 3 Gibson basses are on most bassists top 5 worst basses in the world list. At any rate, in the bassing world, including my opinion, Ibanez, pound for pound, makes better basses.

Specs-wise both basses are remarkably similar and there's nothing on either one that sets it apart from the other significantly (the Ibanez has an active EQ too, and the XJ frets probably won't make that much difference to you). Have you tried both of these? If not you need to.
Im basing my opinion on the bass having tried it and others...Ive never heard a single problem with an ESP bass. I haven't played the Ib bass in question. I judge a company by its overall track record.

Gibson ...let's just say Ive done my share of repairs on USA one's less than a year old, and got to see them up close, and leave it at that The older the better, same with the F-word.