I've been trying to get this sound for a while, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do it. I'm trying to get an intro or outro of a song sound like it is behind a wall, or very far away. An example of this sound is in The Carpathian by The Acacia Strain, youtube it and you'll know what I mean. I'm trying to achieve this sound with effects. I have all the default effects that are in cubase 5 at my disposal.

I was thinking about how I could do this, and I was thinking about the bigger picture, when sound passes through wall or travels a long distance, the wall or air that it is passing though, absorbs some of the frequencies, so you'll have less of a certain frequency and it will change the sound. I was thinking about using an EQ and cutting out individual or groups of frequencies, but I can't seem to get the sound I want. Could anyone give me a hand with this one? (maybe compression comes into play here too)

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record at a lower volume or place the mics farther away from your cabs and drums....
In Cubase AI4 in the Edit Channel Settings menu, there's the four band graphic EQ. There's a button to the right of the 0db line that if I remember correctly looks like two arrows pointing at eachother in an oval shape. This flips the EQ to the opposite of what it currently is.
EQ the track like you normally would, make it sound good with regular EQ, press that button and adjust the EQ to your likings. Make more bass then treble and have slightly more mids than treble.
What wall are you trying to emulate?(That question sounds quite strange)
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If you are using Cubase look in the Filters plugins folder for something called Dual Filter. Lower the first knob and it gives you exactly the sound you described. And i know you can get it to sound 'far away' with the Reverence reverb plugin, i can't remember exactly but just play around with it.
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Cakewalk Sonitus FX Suite has a plugin called "Surround" Where you set a center point and you can pick where you want the sound coming from. If you set behind it makes the described effect.

Or you can just play with low pass filters and volume....
Sounds like you just need to filter the sound your trying to achieve.

Cubase has built in filters so try them or low pass on EQ.
A wall would filter out all the higher end and midrange frequencies, so all you need is a low pass filter with a really slow slope starting around 150-200Hz ish.
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^ i would start with that, then maybe add some reverb with a mostly wet mix. but like a subtle reverb. my idea would be more to kill the attack than to add a ton of reverb.