Well as the name states im thinking about starting a partsacaster. Im wondering about a DiMarzio X2N on the bridge and a DiMarzio PAF on the neck with some random pup in the middle. Maybe a 3 way switch. Im in desperate need of a new axe, im still rocking a beginners Fender Starcaster (ewww) that gets off tune quite easy. For this baby id be more concerned with the distorted sounds and not so much the cleans. For the bridge im thinking about a fender 2-point trem (I dont plan on using it much) and a c-shaped neck with a maple fingerboard. Black-White-Black pickguard on a black finish and black control knobs.

Wiring the pickguard seems to be the most difficult part of this build. Ive heard that for an X2N a deeper cavity has to be routed down, what do you guys think?