So at the moment my JCA is plugged into a shi*ty Harley Benton 212 that cost like £100.

The tone I am getting from this amp is amazing but then if the volume goes past 2 it sounds horrible. Sort of like all the frequencies aren't coming out if you get me? I've narrowed it down to the cab.

So I was wondering would it be a massive improvement to get say a Orange 1x12? Only I'm on a really tight budget of £200 as I need to pay for my Download ticket.

I'm open to other suggestions of other 1x12 cabs for roughly the same price. Used I don't mind doing but would prefer new ( obviously if you can find some really good cabs for the price used then I'll take 'em )

Maybe look on ebay, you can get say maybe a good Marshall cab on there if you look hard enough, maybe go into a shop and try some out to give yourself an idea then look 2nd hand
Sell it and get this harley benton instead: http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm

It has celestion vintage 30's in it which are the same speakers in orange/mesa cabs

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