can someone point me to the manual or give me a really good explanation of what all the controls do. I think i about got it but some of it still is confusing.
The controls are as follows.
On the left upper bout the slide switch is 'on-off' for the active electronics,
Below it is the 'treble' control & below it the 'bass' control. These only function when the slide switch is moved towards the outside of the bass.
On the right lower bout, the top switch is the 'on-off' for the neck pickup, the middle switch is the 'on-off' for the bridge pickup and the bottom switch is the 'series-parallel' switch for both pickups.
towards the outside of the bass is parallel & towards the inside is the series mode.
Below them is the 'volume' control & below that is the 'tone' control. these work at all times.

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