CAn anyone give me like their reviews of this bass...i cant find any...the icon model in particular
Sir Paul plays one, but I am sure you knew that.
Imo, this bass is more of a niche type deal, sorta a well built novelty.
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I'd rather have a Hofner Club. You get the same sound without the association with McCartney
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Most of the time when people do go for those basses they want the association with Paul though.
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Hofner was a budget company, that now makes bank selling it's basses once considered garbage, because Sir Paul played them. Buy the Icon and you'll be in the true spirit of it. I wish I had one, but it's low on the gas list. I love the neck and I'm a sucker for switches on instruments.
If it's the cheap violin one, don't get it. I got one, the bridge was broken in half, returned it, major fret buzz without the action, returned that one and got another, missing a tuning peg (what the hell???).

Got a Jay Turser copy, it was wonderful.
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Got a Jay Turser copy, it was wonderful.

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never played one, but all ive heard about them is that theyre overrated and all about the image
^ I assume, you've never played one and just don't like the beatles? I'd never spring for a real hofner, but many people including rondo makes a copy
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Hi, UGers. I have been browsing this excellent site, and have decided to join the gig. I have a Hofner bass myself, so I can offer my opinion on it.

My bass is a Hofner HCT 500/1, purchased over a year ago for $800 CDN. It is a short scale (30.5 inch), light weight bass, very comfortable to play.

The bass is made of a sunburst spruce and mahogany finish that is really beautiful. The flatwound strings, combined with the semi-hollowbody contruction, give the Hofner a distinct, bright woody sound that always attracts positive attention.

Fretwork is clean and clear, and the action is very good. There are two humbucker pickups, one near the neck and one near the bridge. There are three switches- a rhythm/solo switch (normal/louder volume); a bass boost switch (turned on, boosts the neck humbucker, giving a fatter sound); and a treble boost switch (boosts the bridge humbucker, giving a sharper sound). Turning both boosts on will switch off your sound, so keep only one boost on, or neither, if desired (I prefer the bass boost on).

My bass has attracted much attention. Some people have even asked to photographed with it. Others have said they never thought they would ever see one- so, the prestige attached to the Beatle Bass is tremendous. In fact, I wanted to try it out because of Sir Paul (one of my musical heroes), but I purchased it because of its own merits.

There are some faults with it. The bridge is a single piece floating bridge; you can't adjust string intonation individually. And the bass itself is a set-neck; future repairs will be costly. Being lighter and semi-hollow, the bass can't take the rough handling that a Fender Precision, for example, could.

Having said all of this, my conclusion is this: she is a highly playable, enjoyable little bass, and my favourite instrument. As long as I treat her, metaphorically speaking, like a lady, not a tomboy, we'll continue to make low-frequency magic.
Get a Hofner Comtemporary series if you really want one, avoid the Icon series!
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Get a Hofner Comtemporary series if you really want one, avoid the Icon series!

Entirely agreed! If you want an entry level bass, don't buy the Icon; try any number of Squiers, Ibanezes, and such.

There were two Icons on the same triple stand as the Contemporary model that I eventually purchased. You know how you can intuitively feel how good and instrument is? The two Icons felt cheap and unsatisfactory the moment I handled them. They also sounded cheap when I played them. Worst of all, they had fret buzz.
I read a review once that said that they had the feel and tone of punching a loose rubber-band.
So take from that what you will
They are definitely a niche bass. To me they do sound awfully like someone ran rubber bands across a cigar box. But they have their fans to be sure.

Honestly, if you wanted to go vintage on a bass, I'd look at the Danelectros instead.
I have an old 60's Hofner bass... it's shit. Don't know why anyone would want one. The tone is muddy and the neck dives like a bitch. It's a design problem.
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