Hey guys,

Im confused the two amps above.

Im just a bedroom guitarist who was pretty certain that i wanted the screamer amp, but i was on ENGL's website and realised i could get a 15w ENGL amp.

which one should i go for. Because i dont gig, but i do like screamer because ive heard its good for low volume high gain.

but the 15w seems to be better in the volume wise.

arghhh so confused

sorry for bad spelling i was typing in a rush
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No contest.

You wont notice a difference in volume either.

15 tube watts isnt bedroom friendly like a SS amp is at 15.

Dont compromise on quality for a lower wattage, go for the Screamer and be happy.

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2004 EBMM JP6
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also i don't think the gigmaster is all-tube- i haven't tried it, but it might sound nothing like the other engls.
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I had a GigMaster for almost 2 months and returned it to the shop and got Jet Ciyt JC22H instead.
No regrets

GigMaster has a lot of nice features (attenuator is great for playing home), but I couldn't get it to sound right. There was something "wrong" in the sound (gain structure, reaction).

And I like Engls, I have Sovereign combo.

Between Screamer and GM I would take Screamer without a second thought.

But there will be hopefully interesting option in a short future:
H&K TubeMeister 18 (as a head and combo).

And there is already a preview of the proto at YT made by Session Music from Frankfurt.

Anyway I'll be checking this heasd tomorrow at Musikmesse