I'v been working on my harmonic pinch ( squeals ) and its going ok but, im wondering if there is any different ways of doing it, givig me a better sound.


right hand:
well, changing the position of the pic gives you other notes.
tricks with whammy bar.

left hand:
You have to find the sweet spot for every note on every string. Move your pick around the string plucking different areas till you find the best spot to get them to really scream. And no you don't need a ton of gain to have great sounding pinch harmonics. It's all technique. If you can't get them to sound good on a clean channel, you're not doing it right.
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practicing pinch harmonics on a clean channel is probably the best advice with regards to this technique. too many people rely on equipment and forget to actually practice. i can get pinch harmonics on an acoustic guitar, and everyone should try that, if you can get them right on that, then when you plug in they will really sound good
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Quote by Koshman32
You have to find the sweet spot for every note on every string.

I remember somebody saying this when I was trying to improve, but it makes it sounds much more daunting then it is, although it does become second nature quickly.