Dear you, I don’t know where to start, or if i’ll get far.
I was never good at writing my ideas
or at least from the middle of my heart.
So here we go.

I know you’re afraid to die. I can’t say that I don’t oblige
but what I can say is that you’ve lived more of a life than my father and I.
Just know there’s more time ahead of us, don’t trust the passing sun.
Know that i’ll fight and plea for every second, for every word inbetween
And though it may do nothing, i can’t see the hurt in trying.

I know that you’re afraid that you can’t live your dreams.
Since you helped me live mine, i can only try to help you live yours.
I can’t promise you anything, not the sun or the moon
but i can promise you a world, my world.
I know its not much, but its all that I have, All i can offer
along with my heart, my time, my words, my life.

And every second we held together is time, the clock strikes
the hand of infinity as each second is an eternity
not because we’re young, but because we’re in love

Do you get it now?
You must be crazy if you though i wasn’t sticking around.

Love, Me