i'm sure this has probably been asked before but i need some ideas on what wah to get. i want something that can make my bass scream pretty much. any suggestions will be helpful, thanks to all those who reply.
Dunlop's Cry Baby bass wah seems as good as any. I like mine and it has never given me a problem.
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try the ibanez weeping demon. if you are trying for a cliff like scream youll need a guitar wah (morley power wah boost to be exact) but since the weeping demon has modes for bass and guitar and tons of adjustment possibilities you cant go wrong with it
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Yeah, I'd agree that a guitar wah would be best for a 'screaming' sound. People always complain about them sapping low end, but if you're after a scream, you don't need too much low end.
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I'm not much of a wah fan... the Ibanez Weeping Demon is the only one i've really liked.

I did have an early 80's Morley Power Wah, the same one Cliff used, and it was fun to play anesthesia with.... but other than that it was just unruly and took up too much board space.
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I always suggest guitar wahs for bass. Handles a wider frequency range. The Vox guitar wah is awesome.
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Dunlop's Cry Baby bass wah seems as good as any. I like mine and it has never given me a problem.

i have the dunlop wah and i have to say that is awesome.
the other option that i recommend is the morley bass wah, because morley was the brand that use cliff burton of metallica
I'd go with the Demon also if the scream is what you're after. If it's just the bass wah, the I would pick the Morley Dual Bass.
I have a weeping demon and yeah its alright, but it really sucks a lot of tone out of your signal. that said it does a lot of stuff for a hundred dollar pedal.

if you are loking for versatility go for a weeping demon it can do anything to some extent, but if you actually know what sound your looking for there are better wahs for it.
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