wow, that's fantastic, and totally true. guy has some chops too.
There was a blind blues player during the '20/'30s
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There was a blind blues player during the '20/'30s

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My son is about eight months old and he climbs up my amp and f's with the controls. Sometimes its pretty cool.

"Don't pay attention to what you see." something all tone hounds should listen to.
wow, that's actually pretty touching, im gunna try messing without looking at the knobs, I'm pretty OCD, so if I see something on like, 7.5 it's gotta be 7 or 8, but I'll try, thanks for the link.
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Interesting. I wonder if the reason why I can't ever really be satisfied with my tone completely is because I will set it...like it....then look at where its at and keep changing it. Next chance I get I am going to take this advice. Great link. Thanks!
I think I'd probably play cleaner if I played with my eyes shut more and paid attention to the noise (unplayed strings vibrating, pick noise, finger squeaks when sliding to a new position, etc.).

I may have to try practicing with eyes shut a bit more.
Wow, a really unique view on amp control. I know I'm guilty of this, for example, I have an MXR 10 band EQ, which I used to use to take out the 250hz and 4khz frequencies on my Valveking 112, as they are the most annoying frequencies to my ears (the honky low mid, and the brittler treble frequencies), especially with the quirkiness of the controls of the VK.

A few months later, I use a friends valvestate Marshall for some quick recording, and I just plugged in my pedalboard, with the complete same settings on EVERYTHING, including the EQ. It really sounded bad, but I was incredibly reluctant to change the settings, simply because it didn't look right.
The tone he gets in the video would work really good on a Steely Dan tune - so would his style of playing.
It's interesting, but I really didn't like the tone he had on the video.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.