First and foremost, the tone I'm looking for in one of these is a slightly overdriven (think a Fender Twin pushed just past the threshold of breakup) tone for post- and alternative rock. I'll be using my guitar's neck single coil for it. I like the Blues Driver for this purpose more and I know Billie Joe Armstrong used one at some point, which is important because ideally I'd like to have a stand-alone dirt pedal with my ideal pop-punk/rock tone very similar to his. I'm getting a Duncan JB for my guitar, so that function might not be AS necessary as the low-gain push I'm looking for. But, of course, if there's a pedal that can do both of these better I'm all ears.

I should mention that I like the Rat more for straight up dirt but the Blues Driver for light drive.

In a nutshell:
Genre(s): Post-rock (I need a light bluesy drive, think a slightly fattened-up Explosions in the Sky) and rock/pop-punk (Insomniac-era Green Day).

Budget: Under $60

New or Used? Used is preferred.

Closest City? Austin, TX

Current gear? See my sig. And I have a reverb/delay as well (Boss space echo).
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Based on your setup and budget, I think a Digitech Bad Monkey (don't let the name fool you, it's analogue) would work rather well.

I used to have one with the Valveking stack, an while the higher gain settings were a little harsh for my taste, the low-gain was lovely.
You know, I've actually considered the Bad Monkey too; I've heard countless times how well it works with the Valveking.
I love God Is An Astronaut so hard...

Good for you for knowing who they are.

I'm actually quite surprised you can't get the valveking itself to do that, but regardless, lots of low-gain pedals will get you there. Any of those craigslist ones or the Bad Monkey ought to do it. I'm less sure about the RAT though, I thought they were a little heavier.