so my question is how hard is it to get used to a neck of a guitar.

for example i have a gibson V and a fender MiM tele. i prefer the neck feel and sound of my tele. the only down side is that i hate that it has 21 and not 22 frets

but lets say i got a new guitar soon. lately ive been trying out alot of guitars, but nothing is really astounding to me, but the guitars ive been trying have been under 1000$ and frankly im not wanting to spend much more than 1500$ on a guitar so custom shop guitars arent something i can afford to look at right now

anyone else have this problem?
i dont know since my firsy guitar i always know what i want in terms of feel and soubd from my guitars

ive never had to get used to a neck so to speak i only buy guitars that feel right from the beginning
I have been playing for 25 years. I will tell you that your question is valid. I first got my LP after years of playing a japstrat. The Gibson neck is wider and thicker. I just kept playing it. Now I am comfortable with it. I will take some time but you will learn to compensate and get comfortable.
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