What kind of town did you grow up in and how do you think it influenced who you are?

Big city, small rural town, college town, industrial city, etc ??

I've spent the majority of my life in 2 cities and they both happen to be college towns and both are diverse.

College towns tend to be pretty liberal areas so I think it has influenced my politics. The diversity of the area I think has made me appreciate different cultures and ideas.

What about you pit?
I live in a small city in Northern Michigan. I consider myself a more cynical and hateful person because of it.
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I live in a small city in Northern Michigan. I consider myself a more cynical and hateful person because of it.

this, but southern Michigan.
i life in a pretty small mainly college town but i still am very conservative. but i life in walking distance of almost everything so im used to walking places and having everything close
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I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, and though there's a college five minutes away from me, it's not a "college-town" by any means. I'm originally from a closer suburb of Philadelphia that was a lot more middle-class than the pseudo-swanky place I'm at now.

It's convinced me on the whole to never, ever move into a suburb.
I was raised in a backwoods redneck town. I feel like I turned out fine. *returns to trailer with sister/wife*
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i life in a pretty small mainly college town but i still am very conservative. but i life in walking distance of almost everything so im used to walking places and having everything close

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I'm from a rural town of about 1300 in New Hampshire. Cynical rednecks. A lot of small minded people. Some really interesting people. There are several families that have been in town forever, and they'r related; no one really wants to know what those family trees look like. People from some other towns referred to it as "the enchanted forest" because it's a strange place full of strange people. Definitely influenced me (with rural ways and cynicism, not inbreeding). Though, my parents weren't from there, so I had a wider perspective of the world.
I was born in raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Moved when I was 13.

Being born in a shit hole dive tourist attraction like that just made me a very irritable person. Most, if not all, things piss me off because of those ****ing tourists and their idiocy.. Also it's a really sketchy place for drugs - lots of coke and meth. Growing up around that made me want to do drugs as an adult.. It's not a bad thing I don't touch anything physically addicting, but I smoke a ton of weed do lots of hallucinogens.
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I lived in a suburb city my whole life near Miami populated by Cubans and went to a high school near a city populated by blacks. So I basically had to experience 2 crappy cultures at once.

But the generations that grow up here are more influenced by liberalism and American culture.
I grew up in a small suburb in illinois, that holds the record for most churches per capita.....I hated it
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I grew up in a relatively small town of about 4,000 people. Lots of industry (factories) when I as younger but as I grew up they all started to shut down, there's only one left now operating at a massively reduced capacity. The town centre too has taken a massive hit, many empty shop fronts. All of that probably influenced my political views pretty heavily, along with the fact that I went to school with lots of people from the Travelling community (severely deprived backgrounds).
It's also a heritage town, so there's lots of history; a early catholic round tower, a Norman Castle, an ancient stone cross, an ancient abbey, etc. All of that stoked my interest in history from an early age.

I also tend to walk everywhere, probably because I lived at the edge of town. I don't consider walks of a couple of miles to be long in any way.
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I was born in Minsk, Belarus. Belarus used to be a part of the Soviet Union and it was only the 3rd year after it collapsed that I was born. My parents struggled a lot to survive and raise me, and sacrificed so many things for my benefit. I moved to Canada when I was 5 and we lived in a very poor area in Toronto for about a few years (I don't remember the name of the region). Then we moved to North York and stayed there for a good 2 years until we moved yet again to the High Park area of Toronto. The rest of my childhood there was amazing... but we moved to Oakville about 4 years ago because my parents wanted to buy a house. I think being in poverty and the low end of society really hit me at an early age, and I learned to appreciate things in my life so much more. Even though I don't normally fit in because I think a bit more on a mature level of things, I'm glad I had a slice of the real life so that I could understand what most people will probably never understand.

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The city I live in is 80% latino and a lot of people here are naive when it comes to culture. Since the city borders a major Mexican city, there is a lot of Mexican influence and because of it, many people, including myself, are very surprised about the norms in different cultures when they are exposed to them. I guess it explains why I'm so fascinated with the differences in regions and why I like to travel, even to small "uneventful" towns.
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I was raised in a town that was about 2,000 people when I first moved there. It made me really want to live in a city, and made me a little more conservative.
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I grew up (and still live in) a small northern Canada town of about 7,000. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and the closest McDonald's is 530 Km (or 330 miles away) if you wanted some perspective. It used to be an American/International airforce base, however since the 1980's when the Americans left this town has slowly gotten shittier. What used to be an incredibly thriving international community, with soldiers from Italy, France, UK, Germany and many other NATO allies, slowly deteriorated to nothing after Chretien was succeeded and politicians began moving troops to places with more votes. Probably has influenced my political views a lot, as the years of unfulfilled promises to revive the base both from Conservatives and Liberals, and the NPDs constantly in fairyland, I can't really be confident with any major party.

I find a lot of the people here tend to complain about this town and how shitty it is (which I do as well) but they also believe that all of the problems and "drama" of high school here is unique and doesn't happen anywhere else. Truth is I can't think of a single instance I've seen in the last couple years where the "drama" they all complain about wasn't completely avoidable by being a rational human being.

The freedom of living in a small town has certainly made an impact however. Since I was 6 I've been able to roam around town with no fear of anything bad happening to me. Plus it's connected me more with the outdoors, since I spend so much time outside on ATV/snowmobile, at my island cabin, and out fishing/hunting (including ice fishing).

Though I still think I would've much rather grown up in my birthplace of St. John's.
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Southside of San Antonio. I'm a gangbangin', hardcore, drug-dealing cholo mexican.

But seriously, it was pretty calm when I was a kid, and we weren't the richest people on the block either, so I think I turned out fine. Still live here, but since the city is growing so much, the old southside is now considered south-central or something like that. It's ridiculous lol
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Born in Ashford, Kent. Not the most pleasant of places in the UK, so we moved out to a small town in South Wales, which wasn't a lot better, but had far fewer stabbings
Most of my time growing up was in the town and the suburban estates, attending a pretty big comprehensive high school, which was fairly rough. Got in with probably the wrong people, and I think that probably put me where I am now. Not very well educated, authority hating, un-academic lazy ass with not a lot of hope for being successful.
Then moved to a quieter place (where I am now) went to a better school, improved grades slightly, bluffed my way through exams and 3 years of college...and I'm back at square one again, a lazy, unmotivated, bitter, cynical dropout looking for any jobs available to keep me alive.
I grew up in a very small very close knit town. I grew up and went to school with the same 10 people all my life. That's how small this place is, I graduated with ten people. I think its the reason I put a very strong importance on friends and family. There was nothing else to do growing up so we relied on each other, I played basketball all four years of high school, I despised and still do hate basketball but I played so my buddies would have enough to make a decent team and others did the same for me in football and baseball. We fought together drank together grieved together when a close friend passed away, and I don't get to see a lot of these people anymore but I still consider every last one of them my brothers and my sisters
I was born and raised in a small midwestern town of about 17,000. Just so happens that this town has a crazy meth problem. It lies on a highway running from mexico to canada and there is a big drug rehab facility in town too so a lot of addicts relapse there. I lived in a middle-class part of town and I'm 80% sure my neighbors work a meth lab. They look like skeletons, have two pitbulls, and the cops are always driving by their place.

Otherwise it's a nice little town to grow up in. Lots of good people, and enough bad people to learn how to deal with them.
I am Jimmy. I have cracked the corn and nobody cares.
lived in a city in la
people here dont care bout anything and there are many gang/ drugs/other bad things that ruin your childhood

its made me kinda cynical and i really want to get out of here
cant wait til college
I grew up in a small, upper-middle class commuter town. It's quite weird because most of the working population spend no time actually in the town, so walking about everyone's either over 65 or under 25. There's also loads of underage drinking and stuff in the streets, which is the only reason I didn't die of boredom.
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i used to live in a college town and now I live in a city so I would say that has given me a lot more liberal views than if I lived somewhere else. Also there are/were a lot of things to do around the places I've lived and getting around is pretty easy which might be why I like to travel. And conserving nature is a pretty big thing in both places so that has made me more of an environmentalist.
I grew up in a city of 200 000. I love the place, it's very blue collar and most of the people are great. There are lots of cool festivals each year, my favourite being the Bluesfest. I live in Toronto now but I'll be moving home for a few months starting in May and I can't wait. Kitchener for life.
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