I'm pretty new to tube amp and i've had this head maybe about eight or nine months and all was pretty good. Last night at practice i noticed a burning smell coming from it. No smoke or anything just a smell. It was about 2 hrs of playing and a twenty min break in between. It was the longest time of mainly consecutive playing ive done on the amp so I thought that had something to do with it. Is the smell normal given the circumstances? Please let me know what may have caused this. Thank you for your time.
Did you buy it new or used?
I see... well I'm assuming if the tubes were bad the dude you bought it from would have told you (or not) but honestly it could just be the head. Is it like a legit fire/smoke type smell?
Burning smell is not normal, it's bad.

Have you had a look at the tubes? did you see any of them glowing brighter? did you see anything different?

If I were you I would not gig or use the amp until you got it checked / fixed...
Well depending on his smell it could just be the tubes. I have the same head and idk if i really smell a burning but after I play I can smell "heat" I guess (if that's a good way to describe it)
I'd make sure you take a look at the power cable connection and make sure that everything there is ok. Also, My band was playing a gig and the same thing happened to me, I smelled something burning over by my amp. Luckily it turned out to be the outlet/powerstrip thing that I was plugged into was WAY overloaded and shorted out and started to melt. (Luckily we figured it out before anything melted/lit on fire). So maybe try plugging into a different outlet, specially if you have a bunch of high voltage stuff plugged into a single power strip. If it's not that, probably a tube issue or something going on within the amp itself.
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Pfft thats your amp letting you know how you know you are rocking hard.
Yea, that's the tubes telling you that you're finally satisfying them.
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