Well, I have no idea how long I will be here... but I don't like anything Justin Beiber stands for, so I think we can get along just fine.

Anyway, the intro backstory you will skip: I've been playing Bass Guitar in school concert band for a quite awhile now, but I never really got into it. Y'know, as a hobby. I practice minimally to get my 5 credits, but why stop there? I don't want to be playing measly band music forever. I want my rock music!

So why the change in heart? I could say something elegant and dramatic. But honestly? I though Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was an awesome movie and it made me want to play Bass. I'm kind of a newbie at this, so when I start asking dumb questions, you may facepalm when i'm not looking directly at you. I've taken the steps to buy Bass For Dummies, but I don't know what kind of riffs to start with or what have you.

...so yeah. Hi.
hey welcome to ug
and while thi is the internet and there are assholes here
there are people here who are willing to help if you ask quetions
just use the searchbar first
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if you want to keep your sanity stay away from the pit

Actually, if you go there with a sense of maturity, you get this unrivaled sense of superiority.