Hey guys, a found an Ibanez Tubescreamer(The TS7 tonelok one) for $15. Would it be worth picking up to use in my bass rig? Does anyone have any experience using one on bass?
For $15, buy it, and sell it for profit to someone else
And it's only $15, worth trying it and seeing how it sounds.
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guitar dirt pedals sound great on a bass.If need be,run a split signal to retain the low end.
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I don't think it would be able to handle the lower frequencies on bass.

I'm yet to see you post an informed opinion anywhere

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guitar dirt pedals sound great on a bass.If need be,run a split signal to retain the low end.

This. Some low end will most likely be lost, but for solo playing and/or certain genres and sounds it will sound good.
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I loooooove a tubescreamer on bass.
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I have a tubescreamer clone, it sounds a bit shitty with my bass to be honest. But my bass isn't your bass and my pedal isn't your pedal and my amp isn't your amp and my ears aren't your ears so I guess this isn't much help. At that price, try it and see.
For $15, it doesn't really matter if you don't like it or not. You could just sell it on and make a decent profit if you don't.
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15 bucks is a bargain for a Tubescreamer. Win/win
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How would you split the signal?
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