come try to make my crown
i'll maek you frown
my rhymes be so good
when i rap them
bitches fap to them
Quote by Most_Triumphant

u say i fail but in yo dick i hammer a nail
my rymz make u so hard ur **** breathes fire like charzard

i is biting bullets leik gayass rednecks wit dey mullets
makin 4 gs on da fly
yo momma aint even got da 4g wifi

i ****t yo sista fo 5 dollahs
an i be sniffin 10 inch crawlahs

yo man i no i no im not mean to offend but i keep it real

yo if you lay down a couple verse i could get what you meant
I wrote a limmerick;

There once was user like you;
Who flamed and who trolled like you do
But at long last came Carmel
And the king and his crown fell
Cause she's gonna Perma-ban you.
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