Thanks for the reviews! I can't sweep like that at all! The only thing I sweep is my dirty garage. Even though most of the sweeping was impressive (a few notes here & there were not to my liking), I would probably keep the most melodic sweeping you have, and leave out some of the less melodic, but that's just my opinion. The non-sweeping lead guitar was all quite good! The rhythm guitar is doing fine. The drums are good. If there is electric bass (or similar), I can't hear it, or it sounds like guitar. If you don't own an electric bass, I recommend getting one, even if it's a cheap one. Or do some synth bass. Nice video!
Hey ErikES! Sorry for taking so long to view your video and leave some feedback, complications within the family, but I'm here now!

First off, great job on the song! I enjoy it when a guitar player can sitdown with a backing track and just wail away. The sweeps were most impressive, but like aaron aardvark said, there were a few notes in there that I thought didn't belong, but if you were going for all those sweeps like that, by all means keep them in there. It's your song

The only thing I would suggest is lowering the volume of the backing track just because it really hits you wihle you're playing. What did you use to record?
@aaron aardvark
Thanks dude! I had a hard time deciding about those sweeps too, but my mind settled on that i liked the dissonance. Yeah I think I put the bass a little far away in the mix, should've been mixed higher now that I think of it me too. happy that you liked it

No problem and thanks a lot! I settled on that I liked them after all but it was a hard choice whether to include those sweeps or not! I think you're right about the backing hitting the lead, but i would guess that it is because of the mix as a whole (since I'm really bad at mixing). I used my main guitar (ESP Ltd F-500)going directly into my Zoom r24 (interface).

Thanks for the reviews and rock on both of you!
Thanks for the crit!

You are a very skilled guitarist. I can't really fault your technique. However, There were a few moments where I wasn't sure if you were getting a bit off tempo or if you were just playing with funny rhythms. Which is it? Also, put some more soul into your playing. That is what will take your music to the next level (and better recording equipment)

Keep up the good work!
@AeolianInvasion First off, thanks! secondly; I'm sorry that I did not respond to your post in my previous Thread, but your question was great and so hard that I'm still trying to figure out what will make me different. The tempo is different between the lead and rhythm at times if thats what you mean, I tried to use it to build up tension. Soul is for me a bit hard to define, but I guess that you mean more melodic ideas where I can pre-bend strings slightly out of tune and then going back and so forth (cause you want me to build tension in a more melodic way?), if this is what you mean it's a great idea, but I could be wrong. I think if it comes to the soul in a more general way that I try to put in as much soul as I can into my playing !

Thanks again for the critique!
In all honesty, the rhythm section sounds pretty decent but the guitar leads aren't too grand.
Decent, sure.. but they really just don't sound professional.
The tone isn't too good.
The playing isn't bad technically but the sweeps are very sloppy. It sounds like you don't have a very developed sweeping style but are trying to do them really fast anyways. You should just slow it down and only speed up when you can play nice and cleanly because it really doesn't sound great like it is.
And the actual melodies and whatnot just aren't too entertaining at all. It just sounds like random casual bland improv.

Sorry. Just being honest.

This sounds so much better. Upon first listening I assume they're the same track. If so then I'm not sure why you changed it so much because it really was the opposite of an improvement I'd say. If they're different tracks then.. well I won't get into that.
In that, the sweeps aren't over-the-top fast and while they're still sloppy, they sound much more regular and better overall. The playing after has much more to it and the melodies stand out a lot more.
Far more enjoyable than the other.

But the thing about that video, is the sweeps at 0:13 are so much more cleaner.
Like honestly, you should change the arpeggios to shapes that use a less amount of strings for the main sweeping progression. It might not be as technically impressive, but it'll be more musically impressive because it'll sound better due to how much cleaner it'll be.. and that counts more in my book.
Thanks for the crit, man. I would say that the main thing here is tone, because I'm pretty sure that it was muddy-ing up your sound, making non-dirty things sound dirty. A few notes sounded a little out or atonal, but overall, not terrible.

Maybe just make the non-sweep melody less cliche, and that's about it.
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It may just be the Youtube quality, but the tone wasn't too fantastic to me. The rhythm sections were really good, but the sweeping just sounded a little too 'random' and 'thrown in'. It just didn't fit the piece. You obviously have a lot of skill. The sweeping was just really sloppy though. I can't sweep to save a herd of buffalo, but I would suggest you switch up those sweeps some more. Throws the piece off and moves into a whole different thing. Really awesome guitar-work though! I give you that. Great video.

Thanks for the critique!
Quote by AeolianInvasion
Thanks for the crit!

You are a very skilled guitarist. I can't really fault your technique. However, There were a few moments where I wasn't sure if you were getting a bit off tempo or if you were just playing with funny rhythms. Which is it? Also, put some more soul into your playing. That is what will take your music to the next level (and better recording equipment)

Keep up the good work!

I kind of agree with him on the soul part .... technique is there, no question, I would move the sweeps, kinda of like Satriani with mystical potato head .. somewhere else .. keep it a bit more unpredictable, not worried about your backing track at all, you will get those sounds up to where they need to be, focus on the arrangement, make people think, wonder .. Peace!!

My thread if time permits .....

I think you need to take it back to basics with this song and make the rhythm a little more interesting at parts. Your sweeping needs a lot of work, they don't really seem to fit with the song as a whole. You should try experimenting with them instead of doing the typical 5 string patters.

Also, thanks for the crit on my track
nice sweeping, i still can't do that on guitar !

When this started, i feared you were gonna go fast all long. But i'm glad you added some more slow melodic parts between them. The sound sounded a bit muddy at some parts, and the sweeping needs a little bit more practice.

but overall, nice track !
Hey man, sorry I'm way late on this, don't know how I missed your crit. Your track was cool for that style, I like how you didn't always choose straight-voiced chord arpeggios for your sweeping, you had a few whole tone/augmented ideas throughout. I think the mid-ranged notes in your sweeps could be more articulate, but I don't know much about sweeping so I couldn't say how to improve haha great playing.
Nice man

Right off the bat I am impressed with your sweeps. And throughout the song you kept the bar high there. Very clean, love the rich full tone.

One thing i particularly loved were the harmonics

Very tasteful and sweet sounding

Only critique I really have it.. Don't be afraid to let loose a little and just go with it!

It seemed like in between the sweeps you were a bit too reserved. It sounded great though, extremely clean and the tone is top notch. Just would love to see you free form it and let your soul flow.

Great job man I love that track. And, I have to say it again : Amazing sweeping!
you're on the right track with the main theme, keep working at it. i think you need to develop a strong chord progression for the rhythm and work out your improv/leads from there. i liked your outro riffs from 1:48 and on. and like others have said, fix the off notes on some of those sweeps, they dont sound right with the song.

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