im using a 56 gauge for my 7th string. it feels like a noodle at times... i heard if you increase it to 60 or 70 its better. some i've heard say that at 70 it can sound a bit weird

i can play with the 56 on my current guitar but when i'm doing technical stuff that involves many notes, i find it easy for the string to become a bit noodley on me.

what are advantages/disadvantages to higher string gauge?
What tuning are you using? And what scale is the guitar?
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i was once using a 52 for my A string, and it felt at a reasonable tension at standard tuning, so i imagine, that a 56 for a B is super loose...
I run a 60 at half step on a 27" scale and it's still a bit noodlely
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My JP7 has a .056 for the low B and it feels fine to me, its a 25.5" scale.
Some people prefer to have them pretty tight though, I like my strings to be a little on the loose side for the silly widdly solo bends

I'd try a .060, see how that goes. Once you start getting much bigger than about a .065, you might find the windings won't fit in the tuners though.
I have a 6 string. my low E is a 56. Tuned to C, its like theres nothing there finger strength requiring wise. for a B string, I wouldnt play with smaller than a 65.

if you move to a bigger string you will get a bigger ballsier sound. the only drawback to a bigger string is you get more punchy bass sound. but If you have a 7 string, you probably want punchier bass, so its not really a drawback maybe.

ninja edit: if you go too big, you may have trouble getting the string through the tuner hole.
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