I don't have a mic for my PC nor a smart phone.

One that's easy to use to i never played guitar or tuned one i just brought a MIM strat and amp.
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I absolutely love my Boss TU-3, so I'll go ahead and recommend that!
i take it you mean a regular one, but a pedal tuner? a solid old silver kog ga30 is pretty much common as anything. everybody uses em, korg is good with tuners.

if you want a budget pedal tuner, the guitar fetish GFT90 pedal tuner is about 35 plus shipping. its literally the cheapest al metal pedal tuner on the market. so far, its as accurate as my korg and my friends boss tu2, has a HUGE screen, is sppoed to be accurate to 1 cent or maybe less, and seems relatively durable. been using it for about 6 months, been through 2 gigs.
I've been using a basic Korg Chromatic Tuner CA-30 and never had a problem with it. It's pretty dang accurate and I have a real good ear if I do say so myself. The Korg does an excellent job and its rather cheap when comparing to other more expensive tuners. Plus there's a direct line in for your guitar. Can't go wrong IMHO.


Also, I know you said you aren't a smartphone owner but to other people in this thread, if you have an Android phone, check out gStrings. It has a finer accuracy in hz than the Korg does and it's free. Works great on my Droid X =)
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boss tu-3, nuff said

^^ + 1,000
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considering the guy literally just bought his first guitar setup, recommending a 100 dollar stompbox tuner isnt exactly helpful....unless you plan you go that route.

do you mind spendin the money? i mean are you dedicated to guitar for a while and plan on playing live?

expensive floor pedals are VERY good, but unless you plan on getting on stage, its almost like burning money.
He asked for recommendations for a good guitar tuner. A cheap guitar tuner is a completely different question
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I'm really happy with my HT-2 Hardwire tuner.
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again, a guy who just bought his first guitar and amp probably doesnt need a 100 dollar stombox tuner.

and a 15-20 dollar korg ga30 is literally as good as anything on the market. they just are cheap because its handheld plastic, not a metal casing designed to withstand years of abuse with super bright screen and leds.

there really is a point where it doesnt matter. if you want a quality box, your buying it for its durability, reliability, and ease of use...not because its 1/10 of a cdent better than the next.

we ar humans, he cant tell the difference. from professional lazz guitarists to first timers, ive seen everbody use standard korg tuners with no complaint. even to people who can naturally tell classic rock recordings are slightly out of tune due to recording equipment (my jazz teacher can all the time) and can tune any tuning by ear, still ha no issue with standard tuners.

so again, for a guy who just bought a guitar, a GOOD tuner can be had for 20 bucks. unless hes playing live, he doesnt need a stompbox.

i really had the rumors and trendiness that happens on online forums.
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he also asked for a 30$ tuner on amazon. And the BOSS isn't the best out there, the Pitchblack pwns it for half the price.
I'll add my voice to the CA-30, IIRC it's in your budget and it works wonder, been using one for six years.

Oops... I missed that $30 / gift cards bit. My bad...
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2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard
'57 AVRI Fender Stratocaster
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Marshall JVM410
Vox AC15 C2
+1 for the Korg they're accurate and not alot of money get two of three of them
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Ok i think I'm going to go with this for like $11.39

I don't need anything fancy i don't plan on playing live nothing more then a hobby by myself.

Nice and cheap so i don't have to worry about breaking it and it got 5 stars from many reviews. Most importantly even if i re got a mic for my pc or a smart phone id rather not deal with tuning apps and for some reason i already suspect its accuracy.

While were at it instead of opening a new thread can some one help me replace my screws on the back and front plate I'm a noob and don't know what size they are i got the guitar used ( traded a modded xbox360 for it) and they were all there but when i cleaned it i managed to lose like 3 screws on the back plate and 2 in the front rolf. Can someone tell me the size and where to buy them if on amazon would be great here is pics to better under stand my model serial number and all please help.

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Ok i think I'm going to go with this for like $11.39

I absolutely love mine and you I'm sure you will as well.
yeah those headstock ones are decent if you get one that works well. nicde cuase you dont have to plug in. acoustic players use those a ton.

dude. come on. cant be losin screws. rookie move. where did they fall? down a drain? i mean a good search didnt yeild anything?

i dunno. do you have a local mom and pop hardware store? i do. it has a whole isle of any screw you could ever imagine. thats what i would do.

and mexican strats are solid. i even know musicians that gig 2-3 times a week for years and use em and could easily afford better. thie amp, pa, and pedals are very good, and given that the mexican strat holds its own. solid guitars.

i know a lot of musicians that buy a mexican fender, make a few upps themselves (wiring mods) and them put a custom warmoth neck on them and they prefer them over US made fenders.
those will do the trick, certainly.
front and back
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I use a Fender Chromatic Tuner, a PT-10 to be exact, I recommend it.
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I use a Fender Chromatic Tuner, a PT-10 to be exact, I recommend it.

Thanks but i made up my mind to go with that snap on one it may not be as precise but with the savings and what ill use it for will fit my needs meanwhile.

While were at it are those winders worth it for $5-6 bucks?

I'm on a cheap/tight budget trying to pick up everything else i need for $25-$30 to get free shipping from amazon.

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