Huge Muse fan here, and I was wondering how exactly one might even go about practicing the way Matt plays; its like hes just flinging his picking hand randomly as fast as he can, only ... he does it perfectly lmao XD Ive never seen anyone pick like that with that much accuracy, with the exception of Eddie Van Halen I suppose .. How does he do this as well as he does ??? Obviously an assloads assload of practice, but .. Is there any way to begin practicing like this ??

Also, if anyone know what effect hes doing at 2:46, feel free to let me know XD
That effect he is using is a Digitech Whammy set an octave up, so the pitch of each note he plays is bent upwards by an octave. There is a treadle to control it which gives you those spaced out sounds.

As for picking... he really isn't doing that much. It is him just randomly playing really fast and hitting whatever note his fingers go to. If you want to do that then I'd suggest you practice exactly that.
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First off, that Showbiz solo was off the hook lol! Some crazy stuff going on there.

I am also a pretty big Muse fan, and have been wondering how Matt does his tremolo. However, I have seen him do it slightly differently in some other live videos, for example,


Starting around 55 seconds in, and especially at around 1:02. When I do not have my guitar strapped on, I can mimic his motion with my wrist, but as soon as I actually try and use this technique, it seems impossible.

I usually tremolo with much less of a wrist motion. Anyone have any tips on this style of picking? It would be much appreciated =D
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LOL! "Matt Bellamy" and "shredding technique" in the same sentence.

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