I am looking for a new amp suited for funk rock and I really like John Frusciante tone.
The cost should be 500-1000$ but preferably around 500$.
Also I would like it to be an all tube and a single channel amp.
New only and I live in Europe. I have a 4x12cab already. Would use it for gigging. Thanx
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For that kind of warm, ever-so-lightly-overdriven clean, I'd probably look at an Orange Tiny Terror or something similar. Its not ideal for that tone, but its probably as close as you're going to get for under $1000.

If anyone else has a better idea, I'd definitely be interested though...
Quote by mattchoignr
i have an orande 15w crush and the overdrive isnt strong

Thats because the Crush amps are cheap and nasty SS amps. Which is not to say you cant get plenty of gain on a SS amp, but dont expect great tone of of them (though some few people do like SS amps )
im geussing your looking for a british styled amp then, why not a jcm 2000 used?, depending on where you are in europe you can probabbly get one for like 600 euros.
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What about a Laney VC30 or Traynor YCV50B?

+1 for the Traynor.