I have a chance to get either one for 275. I play hardcore/punk with a stock epi les paul, stock MIM strat, and a stock rg350. I use a blues driver and a cry baby wah pedal. I'm leaning towards the carvin because it's an '87 and kind of old school and it has an eq built in. I don't use alot of gain but i do like a lot of mids. Can anyone help?
I haven't even read the OP but Carvin X100b would easily be the winner here.
No matter what genre!
The X100b is essentially a modded Marshall, but it also has spectacular cleans on it too. So it's a pretty versatile amp. It'd probably get some decent high gain tones too if you put a pedal in front of it.

So yeah, easly the Carvin.
You would be stupid to choose a Valveking over an X100b. The Valveking is is a low-end modern tube amp whereas the X100b is an older amp based on another classic amplifier made by a reputable company. The X100b sounds great while the Valveking sounds like poo most of the time. This shouldn't even be a question.


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Carvin. No contest.
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As a Valveking owner you'd be much better off with the Carvin unless you're willing to do some serious mods to the VK.

A used Carvin X100B can be had for around the same price as a used Valveking so that's not even a consideration here, just get the Carvin and maybe an OD pedal.
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I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
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Quick questions about the x100b. I have read that the drive channel has a switch on the amp face, but not a footswitch for it. How are you supposed to switch it for solos and such? do people just substitute a drive pedal instead to activate as needed?

thanks, these are practically a steal at $350 used for something that can be switched down to 25 watts for domestic use!
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