Looking into buying one of these cabs. Only thing is, I can get the Blackstar at $1000 cheaper. Blackstar has v30s and the ENGL has v60s. I'm a metal rhythm guitarist so that has to be taken into account too I guess. Play a lot of gigs and have to travel a fair bit.
So is the ENGL $1000 better than the Blackstar? Help
$1000 difference?

Bollocks to that, go and buy a 2nd hand Mesa 412.

Though I would say the ENGL is a far better cab than the blackstar... But $1000 difference?

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Going to run a Richie Blackmore signature ENGL. Sounds awesome through the Blackstar, just haven't tried it through an ENGL cab
Just an update for those concerned, played the ENGL cab with the ENGL Ritchie Blackmore head and I must say, there was little to no difference. Both cabs are awesome and the difference was minimal. Yes, the v60s in the ENGL had more bass and mids, but the difference between the two was next to nothing.

To those looking to buy one of these cabs, you'll have to try it yourself to see if it suits you. For me, the difference was, as I have said, nothing worth picking one over the other.
I would have thought the Blackstar would have more mids and the Engl would have more bass

V30's are a pretty middy speaker and the V60's are somewhat scooped but as I said some prefer that tone. For modern metal and rhythm I like the V60's
Yeah I thought the same thing, but looks like I was wrong haha.

Could have been the room or the head but hey, minimal difference.