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What guitar did you use for this?

Thanks for your comments.
I'm actually playing a Rogue acoustic. It was really cheap, but it was a great value. It sounds and plays fantastically, considering how much I paid for it. I jokingly called it my "beater" guitar, and so now her name is "Beatrice".
Dude, that was awesome
The intro sounded amazing with the whistling and all. And when your voice gets those random grits, it just fits perfectly. I don't think I 'feel' the "la da da da..." parts so much as the other parts of the song though... probably just a personal thing XD
The playing was perfect too. The riffs were done nicely and the rythm was awesome.
If I'd rate that: 9 out of 10

C4C? Sum 41 - The Hell Song (Cover)
I am looking forward to hearing this when I get home, I just don't have Youtube in school. I only recently got into the Black Keys, great band. I'll be sure to edit or comment when I get the chance to listen to it.
Excellent Singing and playing. Great job on the whistling intro!

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