I'm just wondering if my eyes are messed up. Right now, if I pull say a shampoo bottle up to within one inch of my nose it starts going blurry. Normal?
yes that is normal, your eyes would be messed up if you'd still be able to read it.
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Well I have really bad eyes, so without my contacts/glasses I have to hold something very close to be able to read it. Like touching the end of my nose close.
Ok I'm all just like paranoid and stuff cause I stared at the sun directly for 5 seconds (I wear contacts)---yes I know I'm an idiot---and now they hurt a bit still 12 hours later. Probably psychosomatic but who knows... worried I did something bad to my vision .
5 seconds?!?!?!

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My friend took acid and stared at the bright sun for hours. He got sunburn on the white parts of his eyes. He's fine now.
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I can still read a letter if it's touching my nose. It's blurry but I can still read it. 1 inch away I can read it fine.

Maybe your long sighted?
It's perfectly normal not to be able to centre your vision on something that is an inch away from your eyeball. It's going to be blurry and mostly unreadable.
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I can read things that are really close to me but it gives me a headache so I don't.