I was really considering this guitar for my next upgrade, it comes with a piezo pickup under the saddle (for acoustic tones).


However, I can't seem to find much information on it on the internet, it looks really unpopular (like something is wrong with it). I'm also concerned that it is mexican built. Its in the same price range as the American Standard Strat, so I wanted advice from anyone who is familiar with the Deluxe Power.

I will be using the guitar for many different styles of music, currently I'm hooked on post-rock, but generally I listen to rock, prog, metal, blues, jazz and ambient. I live in Egypt, so I can't try the guitar out for myself, I need your advice if you tried it.

Should I be worried about the fact that it's MIM, if it's for the same price as MIA.
I tried this guitar, i was dissapointing for me! IMHO

Tru and get a used american standard or deluxe! but if you can afford a standard

its a best upgrade, if your a strat player!