So, I've been a casual bassist (primarily guitarist) for about 3 years, so I've never been too intense with it, only ever finger picking when getting into light jams or just playing around, always used a pick when recording due to my recording means never giving me enough high end when fingers were used.

But, last week I was asked to join a funk/rock/ska/blues kinda band as their bassist, as their current bassist is leaving to focus on his own band, and my band's bassist is too busy generally to do it, so I was asked.

Anyway, I've been going through the set-list, and I'm getting some good heat, the songs aren't amazingly difficult and the ones that are a bit tricky (higher ground by RHCP is a bit more slap than I'm used to!) are coming along nicely.

So this bassist was meant to play one gig with the band (next friday) and then I'd come into the band. But I get a text earlier saying something along the lines of "[bassist] is being a dick, are you free to start this weekend? I want you to play the gig with us next week".
So I've been pretty intense with the bass today.

But naturally, it can't go all swimmingly.
A massive blood blister has spawned on my finger tip.

I'm sure this is a common problem for bassists that over do it when they haven't built proper calluses yet, but as I'm meant to be practicing this stuff, then gigging on it by next friday, I assume it won't heal by then. (hell I bit my tongue last week and it still hasn't healed, no idea what's up with me. )

So what solutions are there to this problem?
There is always playing with a pick, I always pop with my middle finger so the slapping wouldn't be harmed, but the idea of playing bass with a pick is quite the turn off to me.
I could probably cover it with a plaster and bass away, though that's probably not the best solution...

Does anyone have any ideas?
(also sorry about the mondo post, I'm too much of a wordy person!)

Burst the blister with a needle and superglue your fingertip before playing. Should get you through.

Or just get over your pick phobia for a couple of weeks
go over the top of it with super glue

calluse issue solved lol

this is an option...very crude though

A friend of mine was in a studio once he slit his finger open and they super glued it back together lol funny stuff
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It'll smell nice afterwards too
Hmm...not sure whether to take the superglue suggestion as credible as two people have mentioned it.

But I think I'll keep the superglue away from my fingers!

I guess I may have to deal with picking...but something about playing funky stuff and using a pick just feels wrong!
if you're an intense player that can still happen for a pretty long time. I still get 'em. I find that if I just poke it with a pin and let it drain, by the next day the skin will have hardened and it doesn't hurt. Good enough for your purposes.
I've never had issues with blood blisters, just regular ones a couple times. Just drain and keep it clean, it's going to tear if you don't cover it in someway though.
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Ah. I guess I'm being a bit of a wuss about it, will draining it not cause any negative effects?

It would be an open wound,t so there's always the chance it gets infected.

Don't put a plaster on it, keep it clean and let it heal. Put super glue on it before the gig, long enough to let it set. Keep the glue in your pocket when you're on stage, just in case it needs topping up.

Of course, there is no harm in just playing with a pick.
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First off Punk Ninja, awesome monicker. Second super glue is totally OK. Everybody does it.

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Do NOT pop it.
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fleajr_1412, would the superglue not harm the open wound? (or are you suggesting putting superglue on the blister without popping it?)

Rawkandroll, thank you! And I've only ever heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan using superglue...but then again I'm just an ignorant guitarist!

bassmanjoe08, I keep hearing all this conflicting opinions. >_<

Argh this is so hard!
If you wait till Friday before putting anything on it, it should've closed up to some extent, so it should be fine.
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Ah, okay.
I'm still a bit nervous about any ideas of popping it.
Would it be advised to put anything on it after popping to prevent infection? (typing without my index finger is confusing as hell! )
If you have tea tree oil or any form of antiseptic it would be a good idea to clean the area with it.
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Ah, okay, thanks.

I'll see if I can grow the balls to pop it then superglue it for the gig, otherwise I might just pick (though there's a couple of songs on the set-list which require slapping and picking which might cause a problem...)
You stick the pick in your pocket, or tuck it in between your fingers if you need to change quickly
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Knowing me I'll definitely drop it while slapping, as my slapping is mediocre at best!
But I'll definitely give it a shot,

Oh also, one last thing, on supergluing fingers (if I do go that route!) how will the glue come off?
If you pop it, the skin will most likely catch on a string and take longer to heal. Just try and use it a little more everyday so it callouses, then it won't be a problem.
Superglue also works great.
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Well I was reading, and one article (or whatever it was) suggested piercing the blister at the side, then again at the opposite side and draining that way, so that the skin healed properly or something.
If you are going to drain it, sterilise the needle first.

Then, cover it with a bandage and maybe an antiseptic cream. Don't leave it open. It's a hole, and it can get infected.
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Yeah, that was the plan if I were to pop it.

But I'm reading so many conflicting ideas over the internet.
Some say it'll take ages to heal if I don't pop it, some say popping it isn't the way to go, some say it'll heal in a couple of days, argh!

Is there not just one answer for this!?
It depends on the way your body works, some people heal quicker than others. But IMO it will heal quicker if it's popped cleanly, and if you take care of it afterwards.
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I'm an Army medic. PM me, blisters are one of my more common ailments to deal with.
Argh, wish you had come here earlier.
I just drained it, made sure everything was clean and everything first, rubbed antiseptic cream on the blister (only put two small holes into it and drained it that way, so it's not like I have a gaping hole on my finger) and have put a plaster over it for now.

I'll see how it looks tomorrow and probably keep putting antiseptic cream on it in hopes to prevent infection and I'll keep it clean and all that. Unless there's any after-care you can advise, JustRooster, I'm going to guess (and hope) this problem is slghtly resolved?

Well since you popped it you could put medical tape over it. Ive done this before playing for an entire weekend. We played three 2 hour sets on friday so come saturday I had a developed a blister. I popped it cause the pressure itself was hurting bad enough. I put medical tape over it and it kept from rubbing it one the strings while playing. I had to change it a couple times but at laest I wasnt rubbing raw skin on the strings. Put a piece from your fignernail to the front of you finger then under it, thenwrap a few pieces around your finger. Should hold long enough to get you through.
Well my problem isn't playing while having a blister really. My problem is the healing of said blister.

I do have a week and 2 days before this gig (sorry if that wasn't clear), so now it's popped I'm fully hoping that it'll be in a good state to do the whole superglue faux-calluses to get me through the gig.