Hey guys, I'm writing a kind of bouncy, middle east style riff using the A Phrygian mode. Anyone know how a chord prgression can go for that?
Sure. You'd be hard pressed to find anything other than an i-bII vamp. Any additional chords would just push it into minor territory.
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i-bII with tonic in the bass.

Joe satriani uses an interesting 3 chord vamp in the song 'Devils slide'.

C5 Dbmaj7 Bbsus2
you could try the chord of iv and come other chords, but as people have said, it won't be in phrygian then, it'll just be in minor but your focussing on the 5th degree, but that's ok! basically use the chords of the minor scale but focus and resolve to the 5th degree. this isn;t the proper way to create stuff using modes, but the most frequent anyway.
Phrygian doesn't lend itself to progressions too well, it's really interesting for melodies though.
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I'd follow the i-bII with something semi-resolving, unless you wanna make it really tense.
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Maybe it's the way I'm playing it Sean but Am6/9 to Am6/9 over Bb is sounding Bb Lydian to me.