I've been looking for a new guitar for months now, and I cannot seem to make up my mind. I need some help finding the guitar for me. I am a fan of PRS guitars and Ibanez. So:

I play at home, may use for a gig one day, maybe even in a church band. I also play along with friends.

I Post-Hardcore(Saosin, Pierce The Veil) and my own Indie style.

Budget: $500-600

I am in the US.


I'd prefer something with 22 frets

I do not like trems, because I constantly change tunings.

I'm wondering if an HSS strat would be a good idea? I've never really been a fan of strats, they play well, it's just cosmetically, I'm just iffy about it. But if it's a good idea...
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an SA series Ibanez or a HSS strat are honestly your best bet tbh
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I second the HSS Strat.
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+1 Made in Mexico (MIM) Fat Strat. The quality is hit and miss so goto the store and try some out before you buy...
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I know firsthand that Justin from Saosin uses Gibsons, Suhr (which is too expensive probably) Strats, Ibanez (PGM, JEM), if that helps any.
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blacktop strat/tele/jag ?

This; same price as a MIM fat strat except the pickups are better suited for heavy music. If you go for the blacktop series you at least aren't guaranteed to want a pickup swap right off the bat.