So my drummer and I use an M-Audio Fast Track style interface to record with. However, you have to plug into an amp in order to hear the sound.

Is there any kind of interface, such as a Line-6 POD or whatever, that will let me plug straight into the interface and then into the computer, where I can then use an effect program such as Hardcore to get the sound I want?

I want to eliminate the need for the amp because I live in an apartment and cannot turn up my amp to the volume I desire for recording. Is it possible to do without an amp?

Also, which recording program should I get? We use a copy of Sony Acid. I just want something simple that I can record some guitar riffs with and be able to layer in a second guitar and possibly a bass.

Can any give me some advice?

Mr. Grimm
Most DAW's have amp sims or support VST's. Your interface you have now is fine. I suggest you do some research on Sony Acid, I assume it has VST support and also google VST's as it is late and I don't have time to explain it now
i would say the audiobox would be the best interface to get.

as far as recording programs, reaper is what i use. it's free, and very powerful.

there are ALOT of free amp sims available out there. Ethan_hanus Has a great thread about all the free VST amp sims out there. look at "VST tone test" in my profile, that was recorded by plugging my guitar straight into my interface, and using nothing but amp sims for distortion.
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What kindof DAW are you using? i.e what software do you use to record? logic? pro tools/ cubase audacity etc....

Many of these will come with VSTs or AUs which are software plug ins - using the ones tailored for guitar, amp modelling etc will allow you to do this without buying a pod.

There are free amp modelling vst's around, just google.

also - your interface itself is fine, and you should be able to hear your guitar in there without a vst - it just wont sound any good need any help let me know, i used to use the same interface
As far as software I am using Sony Acid Pro 6. I really don't know much about it; my drummer handles the program. I should probably take some time to learn the program better lol.

Now, will it work without a mixer? We have a mixer in our current studio but I want to move things to my apartment and probably won't be able to take the mixer.

Also, what's the difference between the VSTs and an amp simulator? Or are they the same? I ask because I use Hardcore by Image-Line as an amp sim. Is this enough or do I have to do something else when I am in Sony Acid?

You can get something like the Line 6 POD UX series USB interfaces or Native Guitar Rig. They are around $200 each I believe. I have the POD UX and has an awesome set of amp models that it comes with (and you can buy more). My favorites are the Marshall JCM 800 one and the Soldano SLO100 one. My friend has the Native one and it sounds great too.

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I haven't used acid for a long time so I am a bit sketchy on it.

Most DAWs/software put a mixer on your computer.

so you record in via your fastrack one track at a time and mix on your computer

vsts are plug ins and you can get vsts for anything inc amp sims, compression, fx, whatever really. so they are the same thing.

i would suggest working with what youve got and really learn it before buying something new.
Just get Pod Farm and call it a day. It will come with a small interface that does exactly what you want, and has a HUGE library of amps, cabs, mics, possibilites are endless.