So my drummer and I use an M-Audio Fast Track style interface to record with. However, you have to plug into an amp in order to hear the sound.

Is there any kind of interface, such as a Line-6 POD or whatever, that will let me plug straight into the interface and then into the computer, where I can then use an effect program such as Hardcore to get the sound I want?

I want to eliminate the need for the amp because I live in an apartment and cannot turn up my amp to the volume I desire for recording. Is it possible to do without an amp?

Also, which recording program should I get? We use a copy of Sony Acid. I just want something simple that I can record some guitar riffs with and be able to layer in a second guitar and possibly a bass.

Can any give me some advice?

Mr Grimm
Take that to the recording forum.

As for interfaces. Check out presonus' Firestudio line. It's FireWire though.