Yes, more Trout in the title.

Chest deep in the Neversink River
a cold rush pushing through my bones,
My eyes pierce into the world below
and what a world it is-
Boundaries constantly flowing
changing the limits of the world every second,
while keeping a solid base whose changes
are only noticeable in intervals of years at least.

The inhabitants here know it well, or so I assume,
I wonder the reactions they have, to homes readily
accessible one day, lifted out into the unknown the
next and made a lower level of terrain on another.
I wonder how it feels to have lived a lifetime in a
liquidy world, and if sensibly, it's any different
then our own.

Moving about in oxygen rich environments only,
but we don’t suspiciously notice the oxygen surrounding us,
do they notice the water around them? Do they know any actual
difference between water and air? Do they know what those
bubbles passing by are? the foam? the rifts? the tides, or
the pools, the eddies, or coves? Or are they more like
Wisconsin, Orlando and New York to them?

I look into the night sky, and I wonder if those so
called stars are really any different then the rivers'
bubbles travelling along the water, the edge of their
known realm, that we simply accept without a challenging
thought. Are their galactic fisherman wandering around,
pulling in specimens for joy or for food? It's a scary
thought, but one that should be consistently tried,
especially considering the many related experiences told
throughout human history, let alone the many that have
never been shared.

I've always accepted other worldly life from beyond
as fact. It seems logically impossible for their not to be,
considering all the planets, moons, and stars
in our own galaxy, factor in the countless other galaxies we can
see, and that’s without the mention of the lowball guesstimate amount
that we are not able to see. Then add every human
civilization we, again, know of, who all have stories and
experiences with gods, or beings from above, and it's
ignorant to believe we, the creatures of this earth, are the
only inhabitants of this entire universe, let alone the
many others that possibly exist. But all that aside, I've
seen a UFO, and was hit by its’ beam of light, after
possibly startling it with a quick series of on-off flashes with
my flashlight. I remember that entire night vividly-
my girlfriend who I had to pull up off the ground after that
light had struck us, doesn’t remember much of that night
at all, and honestly, it’s somewhat terrifying to me…

So with this trout in hand, I handle it gently, and I try to feed it
bread in the friendliest of ways, I apologize for the sharp
and painful hook, and I kiss its head before I release it,
unharmed, back into its world where it can breathe again,
swim again, and live again. Because GOD; Buddha,
Enoch, Marduk or whoever and whatever lurks beyond, as much as
you intrigue me, I pray our next meet and greet, will be
a peaceful, close encounter I wont ever regret.