Hey dudes, covered my favourite Pantera solo. Any comments, critique, hatemail appreciated

(It's not supposed to be note for note btw, just how I interpreted it)

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Good job man. If you're looking for critique... well there isn't much, really. Technique a bit 'sloppy' at times, but I really dig your feel and the sound is good. Nice guitar, also.
Keep it up!
Maybe it sounded harsher than I intended, but I find technicality a very important factor in my own playing... :P What people often forget, though, is a good sense of 'feel' in their play, and you nailed that. It should be a mix of technical perfection and emotion, I think.
Sweet cover! You nailed just about every bend. Your tone was really good too. I can't really think of anything bad about it... Great job!
I really liked the tone. Is that a Schecter?
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