First of all, let me just tell you what guitar pick ups I have...

They are the Humbucker stock pick ups that come on the Epiphone Dot.

Recently, after playing a few gigs, I noticed a really annoying stain on one of the pick ups, it was noticeable and annoyed me.

I went through a few different things to try and remove it, usual household items like furniture polish etc. None of these worked for obvious reasons haha.

So, I decided to get a knife, and scratch the stain off, it kind of did the job.

The thing is, there are a few small scratches on my pick up from the knife, I was wondering, will this affect the pick up in any way? I hope not, it looks quite vintage now haha.

and my other question is, is there anything you guys recommend that can easily remove stains like this?

Many thanks

Brasso might help, but there isnt much you can do if they are tarnished, in future wipe them with a dry cloth after playing to remove sweat and dirt.

No the marks wont affect your pup.

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Leave it? If it doesnt affect sound it shouldn't be of that much concern. I also have never head of this happening. Pictures?