hey. In my last thread i decided against getting a modeling amp and going with a peavey ultra+ and a multi fx pedal. Im looking into a line 6 pod hd 300. Im mainly looking for modulation effects as i use chorus, flange, phasers, rotary speaker settings, several different delay settings...im thinking it would be more cost effective to get a pedal haha. Also, if had a decent fuzz and whammy type effects that would be great too. budget is $350 absolute max. Any suggestions? Thanks! Btw, will go used, will be gigging, and nearest major city is nashville tennessee
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I'd probably go for the POD HD as well. See if you can score one used, could shave a couple bucks off the price.
If you're just looking for effects and not for ampmodelling, there are ALOT of better things than the POD.

I admit, it might be over your budget, but why get something for 350$ if you're only using half of it? Try to score a used G-Major/G-Sharp and get a whammy and fuzz, maybe an Alesis Quadraverb. There are a lot of older Multifx which sounds really good and are really cheap because noone knows about them. Look on ebay and then google the results, until you find something that is pleasing your needs. Might be abit work, but in the end you will be happier.

Also, things that come to my mind are the line6 stompboxmodellers, the M9 and M13.

But getting an pedal developed for ampmodelling without using the ampmodelling seems just not right to me.

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haha thanks for the tips. Like i said, it seemed like it would be cheaper to get this than all the pedals i would need to get my tones. And i might use some of the amp modeling if i needed some raducally different distorted tones, but im hoping to get all i need from the ultra+. Any older pedals that might be worth looking into? If i can save some money and get what i need that would be great
I have a pod xt live i am selling if you want it
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haha well this isnt in the immediate future. Im a student so most my money is going to gas. Probably when i get a refund check next term. Otherwise maybe