Hey, I'm having a few problems with the neck on my lp copy..

there was a bit of neck warp and it was starting to make the guitar unplayable, so i adjusted the truss rod, yet as soon as i tune up the strings, the tension pulls the neck back, so i keep re-adjusting the truss rod to make it tighter, and now it's at a near extreme, yet as soon i put the strings back on, they pull the neck and bend it back to how it was before..

so is there anything i can actually do about this? or is the neck just dead now?
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Oh wow...clearly you misunderstood how to adjust a truss rod.

Don't take the strings off when you do it. How are you ever going to fix the string height by taking the strings off and adjusting it without the added pressure of the strings? That's a surefire way to damage your guitars neck.

Just send it out for a setup, and ask them to explain to you what they did.
im not a massive expert on guitar mods like this (i normally stick with electronics and such) but cant you raise the bridge height on LPs, although you would need to set the inotation again i think. i suggest you have someone confirm this before trying it though
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you probably really screwed up the neck. you should keep the strings on when you do it and only make minor adjustments. like 1/4 to 1/2 turn and then wait a few days and see how everything reacts. then adjust again as needed. good luck
You sure can raise the bridge height. You can also raise the stop bar.
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