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The orange one
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I watched you eating wild strawberries underneath the acacias,
Staring with starry eyes at the sequoia
Which stood in the woods like a halcyon monster

It could’ve been forever that you watched its body shimmer
As I waited for the dusk so as to watch the moonlight glimmer

You told me that the day was going to last forever;
I laughed and waited harder.

Today I learned that death is but an unfounded rumour.

Why do men have nipples?
I've always wondered this.
My father once told me
of when I was a baby.
Hungry I was, ready
to savage a thousand breasts,
but my mother was gone,
to where is not important.
My father was holding me,
caring for me, protecting me.
And as hungry as I was,
I latched onto his nipple
and began to suck.
(Why his shirt was off
I do not know, but
I admit I am fairly curious)
That old story never fails
to extort a begrudging smile
because I swear,
though it makes no sense,
that I can still feel
the hair in my mouth,
and still taste his skin.
I don't know why men have nipples,
but I'm pretty glad they do.

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