I'm considering expanding myself to more versatile music besides brootalz. I'm currently running an Engl Fireball 60w through a Mesa Boogie cab. I love the fireball and it's distortion is heavenly by all means (the irony), but I'm feeling it's meant only for cleans and rhythm brootalz since I've had better leads (or I may just haven't tapped it's EQ'd potential; who knows?)

Anyway, I received a offer for a 5153 trade, and I'm interested in the Engl Blackmore due to its versatility so that's the idea of the amplifier I'm after. I want something that can run from great cleans, to crunchy tones (Van Halen, Stryper, ACDC, Journey, ie classic rock) to brootalz (Protest the Hero, KSE, All that Remains).

My budget is around $1300 and I do look into used gear. Thanks in advance.
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i would go with the blackmore or maybe a tri rectifier. Both have great lead tones and can still do the brutal stuff.

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I have the engl fireball 60watt as well I am able to get pretty much any tone I want. I just run a boost pedal and I'm able to get those high gain leads. also with the boost pedal it kind of makes the amp into a 4 channel amp. clean, clean + boost (crunch) , high gain (rhythm) , high gain + boost (lead). the only downfall is the one EQ but to solve that i am getting A g major 2. I would pickup a boost pedal of some sort and give that a try. I use the maxon OD-808 and it sounds great with this head only problem is it can get noisy so pickup a noise gate.