For about 3 months now, I've been learning to play with the "George Benson" backward thumb method, and frankly...it feels REALLY comfortable, natural, accurate and faster for me and reduces my chance of getting tension while playing by a lot.

The problem is, my thumb is getting really sore...and my policy is "if it hurts, stop!" So, what I'm wondering is if someone that has some experience with this picking style can fill me in on how to get rid of the soreness when using this technique for a long period of time? Because it's by far a superior way to pick for me, and yet I will not use it if I can't resolve the pain issue. Sucks whale member.

Any help appreciated.
I have no solution for you, but I thought i'd mention that it was pretty funny to see the thumb icon next to the complaint about the thumb. I dont use a pick...I sweep with my finger nail!
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Basically, in my experience, you either have a thumb that bends comfortably backwards or not. I've had plenty of pupils have no trouble with it, but personally after trying it a few months, I found I just didn't have the flexibility for it.

You can get almost exactly the same effect angling your pick the other direction except that it won't your thumb.
I'll assume it's not that you're just gripping the pick too tightly...

I pick with the Benson/Lane hand position. To really get the right angle on the pick your thumb almost needs to be bent "backwards." If you're hands aren't very flexible (or just aren't quite the right shape), this could mean hyper-extension of the thumb which will inevitably just lead to soreness.

Luckily for me my hand stays very loose when picking, and my hands are naturally quite flexible. I've never experienced any pain or discomfort using this technique.

The only advice I can really give you, is to check to see whether it's actually the Benson/Lane grip that you find more comfortable, or if the Benson/Lane grip is forcing you to use a different picking movement (which is very possible) which you find more comfortable.

Freepower has a good Youtube lesson

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Ok, thanks everyone! I can pick well enough normally, and of course getting better. I just keep clinging to the hope that I can find a way to do the backwards thumb thing, since it feels so natural to me.