I have a question for the forum masses out there!

I have owned a '65 Fender Twin Reverb Reissue for a few years now. The footswitch it came with is no good for me in several ways.

1. The thing is too light-weight
2. It has no LED lights to inform you if you turned your reverb/vibrato on or off
3. The switches are too close together, making it a game of accuracy in a live environment.
4. The cable going to the amp is too short and is firmly connected to the pedal, making it annoying for packing up or setting up.

Now that all my rambling complaints are over with, the real question.

Could I use another Fender footswitch to get it to work? Like the ones from the princeton chorus or the deluxe 85? If the channels on the switch work fine with the reverb and vibrato it doesn't matter if it says "chorus" or "switch channel", etc. on the pedal itself.

I tried a boss FS-2 and it didn't work out for some reason. I was later informed that fender amps are generally unhappy with non-fender stuff(go figure).

Anyone able to help?