Okay I need some help here I have been trying for awhile now to get better at Tremolo picking.

But when I go to change to a different string I just can not seem to do it fast at all.

Any tips to help.

Also I did a recording and you can hear what am talking about, please dont tell me I suck okay I know this already but some help and tips would be nice.

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A good approach to improving this would be to take the first position of a scale, tremolo pick each note for a duration of a quarter note.

Example (The old faithful Am Pentatonic):


Tremolo pick each note (each note being a quarter note) up and down the scale.

Use a metronome, start slow and SLOWLY build your way up to a higher speed. You can also use different scales to mix it up and have more notes per string.

Best of luck

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String crossing while playing fast is what i have most difficulty with, you need to slow it right down and go back to alternate picking basics and just do something like.

16 notes per bar and move down a string every 4 notes so.

E - 1234
A - 1234
D - 1234
G - 1234
B - 1234

etc. then go back up. Start slow like 60bpm and work your way up, keep relaxed

Then once you can string cross alot tighter you can just smash through the speed.
Slow down, you're not gonna make too much progress by forcing uneven rhythmic picking. Slow down to where you can accent the first beat of each sixteenth/sextuplet/whatever it is you're picking, and go from there.

Also, use your elbow joint to move your arm up and down between strings while using your wrist to do the picking motion on each string. If you try to use your wrist to change strings, your wrist joint will end up at different angles making your picking difficult and inconsistent.
Thanks for the help guys.

thanks for your help I was doing string changes with my wrist, never knew i was doing that.

Again thanks to all for your help and tips.