Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some feedback on the early stages of this song I'm working on. It's called Brainwashed. This recording is just of me and my brother with the guitars, drums, and vocal tracks down. I wanted feedback on the song and singing in general. Is there any potential with the singing?

Thanks alot guys!

oh also, the site kinda sucks with buffering the audio. So if you have any problems, press play then pause it quick and wait like 5 seconds to press play again.
You happen to like the melvins by any chance?
Not much to say here, but the guitar riff kicks ass. Sometimes it sounds like you are trying to sing with someone else's voice, but overall it does have potential. The song itself is quite dynamic with the drum variations etc.
What I didn't like was the slow drumming at 0:17 or so.
Haha no I've never listened to them before. Thanks alot for the feedback man, I really appreciate it. The song is definitely a work in progress. I have like 7 others I'm working on too. Would you say the vocals are bad?