So I'm looking around for a new guitar. One of those that I am interested in is the PRS Mike Mushok which is a 27.7" baritone. I think it's one of the best looking PRS SE models. However, I don't tune very low. If I were to slap on a set of 10's and tune up to Drop D on a baritone guitar, what can I expect as far as the overall feel? Will the setup and intonation process be any more difficult or different than compared to standard scale length?
If you'd be tuning up that high using that large of a scale I'd advise going with a very light gauge of string.. Like 9s or lower. Maybe even a custom set of 8s from like Naked strings or something.
Why get a baritone I you're going to tune so high? I thought I was tuning high when I put my baritone in C# standard.
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Dude, don't do it. If you're only going to drop D, a baritone is completely unnecessary. Plus, with .10s, the tension would be way too tight. Probably snap a few strings if they were too tight. Just buy a normal 25.5" scale guitar.
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While it does seem a bit redundant buying a baritone for only drop D tuning, you can achieve a playable tension with a more regular set of string gauges, based on what tension you normally prefer.

You see people with baritone scaled 7 and 8 strings which do effectively still have the standard tuned guitar within it, the E standard "section" of my 28" 8 string feels fine with the 10-46 set on there. But just be warned that the timbre of the high strings in combination with the scale might not be desirable for what you want.
Setup shouldn't be different than on a regular guitar. String tension might be similar to a set of 11s on a regular scale guitar so its not a huge difference. You will notice a difference in tone though.
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